Saturday, March 23, 2013

There is one secret (not-so-secret) I'd like to tell you: I can't swim. It's sort of exasperating every time people ask me if I can swim and I give them a big no, not that I mind what they think of me but because I feel sorry for myself.  I feel sorry that I was not brave enough to learn how. But know what? I am in love with the beach. Who's not? The sound of waves is like a beautiful music. It touches the soul. It was over a year ago the last time I set my foot on the sand. I was joined by my family on a trip at Real, Quezon.
We had a joyride from Angono all the way to Real. The cold morning breeze touches our face as we sit at the back of a Suzuki mini truck. We had one or two stop overs, wherein we bought hard-boiled and quail eggs and snacks for the kids.
We arrived early, good enough for us to enjoy the beach entirely. It was so cold, still. (I am the one wearing pink stripes jacket. No need for caption.)
I shriek when I saw this picture because...look at my sister's hair. I'm just really mababaw. Sorry LOL.
It was high-tide when we get there. The waves became bigger came noon.
The sea is a haven. Here you can just relax your body, free your minds from the hustle-bustle life in the city, and also reflect. It's true, nature can help if you want to meditate or freshen up your mind.
The one sporting the blue swimwear is yours truly. I wish I was a bit fitter that time. But my hobby is eating. It must be so hard to go on a strict diet program.
The all-time favorite group pose. Jump brothers! It takes time to perfect a jump shot.
My two dear nieces played at the sand while the adults are swimming. Say hi to Nadine, since Ate Jana is turning her back.
How I wish I am a kid once more. I can't do this anymore. I am too big now to bury my body in the sand. I need help, of course. But they won't bother to help me, they'd rather swim haha!

There's one thing that caught my attention--a Mama Mary sanctuary by the beach. We went there carefully as the rocks are so edgy. We actually slept there and head home the morning after.

Credits to my sister Neri Idea for the photos.
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