Friday, March 22, 2013

Manila Ocean Park is a world-class marine theme park, with so many attractions like the Fish Spa, All Star Bird Show, and the popular Oceanarium exhibiting numerous marine species.
MOP is now five years old, with hundreds of thousands of tourists already visited their wonderful theme park. It's also a nice destination for school field trips. My little sister also had their field trip at the park last month and she came home with stories of how happy the trip was.
 Wow. The jellyfish are breathtakingly beautiful! They look like dancing gracefully while they glow with their lights.
I am not sure what kind of marine species these are. I think these are jellyfish too. Or sea urchins? I don't know. Can you tell me?
 Oh, now I know that the adult jellyfish release eggs into the water during the medusa phase. Thanks for the information.
Aren't they amazing, are they? But beware of these creatures. They can be so beautiful yet so hazardous!
Sea creatures are not the only attractions at MOP. They also have a sanctuary for winged creatures like the amazing Lawin.
And you won't go home without a souvenir, right? These stuffed toys are just so cute.
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