Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Hangout: Green Nature Resort, Rizal
It's summer time! Who does not love to splurge in the water and bond with the family?
The whole day wasn't enough to go all around, though the entire resort wasn't as big as you think. It only took us an hour or two to get there.
You know that mukhasim you get even before endulging on delicious green mangoes served with sweet and spicy bagoong? Oh, green mangoes are L.O.V.E. I can't help but crave.
My mother and I went outside to buy fresh tilapia and the green mangoes that's why I have this on my hand.
We packed some snacks for the trip. My mother also prepared food so we won't have to buy there anymore. Well, of course, except those fresh tilapia and green mangoes. I will always be young at heart and I will always be a fan of chicken joy and yummy spaghetti.
It seems that the family also enjoyed the food along our trip. No doubt, we have Kapampangan roots. We absolutely love delicious food!
Actually, we were waiting for this trip since my mother just arrived from Dubai. I treasure this moment with her! I miss her so much.
It was a pleasure to find these beautiful murals! I enjoyed the trip even if I can't swim. The surrounding just made me feel better.
My little (big) sister lol (I love you!) seems to enjoy the beautiful murals as much as I do. Honestly, my family isn't as adventurous as the others. But one day, when I have my own brood, I want us to travel the world altogether.
Is it obvious I cannot swim? Haha too bad for me! Anyway, this young girl beside me is also my sister (who's beside me right now, saying "uy sali mo ko dyan") Okay, I already included you.
I love my two little brothers. I know one day they'll grow up as handsome guys. I am not a flatterer, am I?
I am happy that they are happy. Gusto ko happy ka! Oh Cliche!
What I love most about the water is that it brings peace and relaxation. The fact that you are close to nature is one of the best things here on earth!
Of course, she strikes a post! Know what, it hurts a bit when people say my mom looks younger than me. LOL I'm not insecure. So that's a compliment for my mom but for me, folks?!
Kids will enjoy it here for sure. There's so much to love about this place. I have more photos on my laptop but I'm just too lazy to upload. Can't wait for another summer get-away.
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